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Catherine Davies demonstrates how to recreate the effect of moving water in your miniature scenes

Making Waves from Deluxe Materials is great if you want to create the effect of moving water as it holds its shape even on vertical surfaces. There’s no mixing so you can use it straight from the tub and it dries hard and clear in the air. Colour with water-based paints or Deluxe Material’s Scenic Water dyes, combine it with Deluxe Materials Solid Water for deeper, stiller water effects and the creative possibilities are endless.

Using some basic techniques I’ve made the following items:

A tap running in a kitchen sink
A lion’s head fountain
A garden water pump
A garden waterfall feature
A puddle on a windy, rainy day

Step 1

Have your original items to hand ready to add the water effect.


Step 2

For precision and direction, apply Making Waves from a syringe.

To fill the syringe, place the tip in the tub of Making Waves with the plunger down.
Pull the plunger up to draw in the Making Waves as you need and attach a steel needle point.
Keep the lid down tightly on the tub when
not in use to prevent the Making Waves from drying out.


Step 3

Making Waves can now make a vertical thread of water, ie for a fountain, a tap, or a drip.

Starting at the top and work downwards by gently pressing down on the plunger.
Keep your touch light and even to prevent breaks (unless you want them) and allow
Making Waves to fall as naturally as possible.
Keep the tip of the needle point clean and dampen frequently in water.


Step 4

I now have an unbroken thread of Making Waves from the lion’s mouth to the bottom of the trough. It appears opaque as it is still wet. This is the first thread and must be left to dry completely before applying further threads for texture and strength.

When not in use, rest the syringe and needle point in water to prevent clogging.


Step 5

I have already added a few further threads on top and around the first thread to give the effect of flowing water. You will see how it has all dried clear and I am now adding the final thread to complete the stream before filling the trough.

Patch over any unwanted breaks with another thread of Making Waves.


Step 6

This is a two-part mix and you must follow the instructions provided with it carefully.

I am applying it over the base of the Making Waves stream to give the very realistic effect of fast water bursting through stiller water.
When layering Solid Water over Making Waves, each layer must be completely set before adding the next, otherwise the Making Waves will not then dry clear.

Step 7

I am creating a wall of water tumbling down by spreading Making Waves (which has been premixed with a tiny drop of Scenic Water white dye) over the step with a spatula. This is going over a base layer of hardened, uncoloured Making Waves.

Layer Making Waves using different amounts of colour to create the illusion of varying depths and speeds.

Step 8

Pressing a comb against the wall of Making Waves helps to create uniform deep ripples.

You can ‘draw’ individual ripples through Making Waves using a cocktail stick or a pin.

Step 9

A cocktail stick makes small splashes and patterns in the Making Waves ‘foam’ which has been spread on top of set Solid Water.

Experiment with a sponge, wire brush or crumpled foil for different pattern effects.

Step 10

The puddle with its surface stormy ripples was made using Solid Water mixed with a few strands of Deluxe Materials Scenic Fibres and allowed to set completely. Don’t forget to add raindrops!

Step 11

You can make raindrops by syringing small threads of Making Waves up from the surface of the Solid Water puddle.

Deluxe Materials products are available from all good dolls’ house shops or in case of difficulty can be bought direct from deluxematerials.co.uk or freephone 0800 298 5121 (orders only).

The trade can buy Deluxe Materials products from: Streets Ahead Dollshouse, Tel: 01752 338222, streetsaheaddollshouse.com (trade only).

Blackwells of Hawkwell, Tel: 01702 200036, blackwells-miniatures.com

Hobbys, Tel: 0208 761 4244, hobby.uk.com

More of Catherine Davies’ work can be seen on dollshouseheaven.co.uk.

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  • Date 8th February 2016
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