Needle Felted Miniatures By TheWishingShed


About TheWishingShed

Artisan Rachel Austin lives with her two beautiful daughters and partner in a magical part of the world called The Forest of Dean. She has two cats and a very naughty terrier called ‘Woofy’.

Rachel works from home, well she says home but her workshop is actually a little shed at the end of her garden, known as The Wishing Shed.

Getting started

Rachel has always loved to draw and paint. Around three years ago she was showcasing some of her artwork at a local craft fair when she met a lady selling wool spun rugs and handmade woollen shawls. They got chatting and she learnt that you can sculpt 3D objects with wool.

Using YouTube tutorials Rachel taught herself the craft, spending hours sat in her little shed with bags of raw wool fibres/fleece studying photos of animals and recreating them in miniature.

Her friends and family asked her to make replicas of their pets. After posting pictures of her creations on Facebook, the response was incredible. As she received more and more orders, she decided her business needed a name. TheWishingShed just popped into her head, so she went with that.


















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  • Date 9th March 2017
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