The Wardrobe Project by Felix Hernandez


Felix Hernandez is a photographer from Cancun, Mexico. His work has a high focus on fantasy and dream-like images. Recently he posted a project featuring a miniature wardrobe.

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Hernandez’ photography ranges from taking images of miniatures, to portraits, and even exotic animals! His work has been featured in a wide range of commercials, for zoos, theme parks, and hotels.

The Wardrobe Project, like most of Hernandez’ personal ventures, took inspiration from his dreams. He states ‘The Wardrobe’ is one of those images that appear repeatedly in my dreams. Repeatedly enough to call my attention and wanting to take it out and bring it to life.” 

Hernandez uses a range of miniatures in his work, applying macro photography techniques to produce a subject that is larger than life. In regards to photographic technique, Hernandez states that“‘The Wardrobe‘ is not a one shot image. I took several images, then later combined them to create the final art. But my goal was to achieve all the effects and images for real on camera.”

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Hernandez prefers to create as many effects as possible on set, in order to avoid excessive editing in post-production. This ironically creates an image that is based around fantasy elements, but appears more ‘real’ to the viewer as there are fewer signs of PhotoShop. Hernandez states “Don’t get me wrong, I often use post-production softwares like Photoshop to accomplish my goals, but it’s always refreshing to try new techniques.” He goes on to say that “If I needed a cloudy background, instead of doing a composite, I went on location. If I needed fog, I used Dry Ice. If I needed an ancient ruin, I built it myself, and so on. Soon I found myself doing things that I had forgotten or that I would never think I could be able to do, and of course, by doing them, it opened a new door for me… One new door full of new possibilities for creation.” Hernandez built the ancient steps using multiple media, incorporating polystyrene, paper mâché, and paint.

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For fellow photography enthusiasts, the specifications for the shoot are listed below:
• Shot at location.
• Camera: 5D MIII Canon.
• Lens: 24-105 mm Canon.
• Ambient light.
• One flash for the wardrobe radiancy
• Fog effect using dry ice (Co2)

The entire process and a look at behind the scenes of The Wardrobe Project are shown in the video below. Hernandez’ attention to detail and level of creative ingenuity is astounding.

To see more of Felix Hernandez’ work, you can visit:


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